Saturday, October 13, 2012

Kitchen Mantle shelves

Here is a project I've been working on for a week or two, They are Mantle style shelves for our kitchen. I'm delaying the process a bit because I'm scared to glaze them in fear of ruining them. I've never done any glazing before but I guess if I really messed one up I could just remake it, right:)?

This is the look my wife wants on this test piece. I sealed the wood first then applied the glaze hoping that I could wipe away more from the larger surfaces leaving only heavier amounts in the deepest points. Overall I think it came out pretty good but, like I said I'm still nervous to go to town on the shelves.

Aren't I just a big chicken?


justsomedame said...

I want to first say what beautiful work you do. I'm a furniture nut and great woodwork is one of the finer fine arts.

Secondly, a couple of years ago you were looking for plans for the Resolute desk. I found some at .

Many thanks for sharing the beauty of your work.

Lisa Antram

SGW said...

Thanks Lisa, for your kind words I very much enjoy building furniture and different items for my wife and family.
And thanks for the info on the desks.

Have a great day.