Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bookcases and bench Project

Here are a few photos of how things are progressing on this new project.
I'm nearing the completion of one of the two bookcases and hoping to get going on the bench seat in a few days.
Things are taking so long for this project, but that's basically how most of my projects go. Time just isn't there to get things done.

This one and the next photo are of the carcass glueing with just about all of my Bessey clamps being used.
This next photos shows the face frame glueing with all my clamps being used.
These next photos are showing the detail of the face frame, the base details and just the overall progress.


 Here is one of the cases with its base finished. I still need to decide how I want the crown molding to look for the tops but that is a job for another day.

And yes my work space is very messy please forgive me.

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