Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I'm working on the finish today, I hope to have it done by tomorrow.  That's if I don't foul it up again!

Let me explain, I did what I told myself not to do and it bit me in the rear. I used a Transtint dye mixture and General Finishes Brown Mahogany water base stain. Well I told myself that I should spray on the top coat of General Finishes High Performance, but I got dumb and started wiping it on.
Well you might know what started to happen, the water based stain began to come up and the lighter wood underneath started to show through.
The thing is, if the little lady inside the house didn't want it to be dark I might have just gone on ahead with the entire piece because I kinda liked the look I was getting, but I am under orders to have it be dark.
So I let it dry and sanded it back down and re-applied the stain and went back to work, this time spraying on the top coat and boy does it look good.
I can't for the life of me figure out why I'd try wiping on the finish, when you can get that kind of look and feel by spraying.
I'll have a few photos in the morning of the finished project.

And then onto the next one.

Cabinets for the top of the stairs computer area.

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