Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hall table update

I'd hoped to be further along than I am before going back to work this next week, so now this is going to take a bit more time.
I hope to have the drawer slides hung and the drawer fronts stained this week and then final sand the entire project and get it all stained, we'll see.

This is the dovetail design I decided on for the drawer fronts.

The drawers in the case.

The drawer details.

I decided to add some molding to the drawer fronts, they were just kinda boring without it.

Two sections of the top glueing.

The test pieces of molding with the original drawers.

Both top sections glued and clamped.

My WoodRiver #3 plane after going to town on the back of the top after the glue-up.

All three drawers with the new molding in place.

And as the table sits today. Like I said, it will probably be like this for a few days now.

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